Urs_a short film by Moritz Mayerhofer


Hi, to everyone who lives in London…
‘Urs’ will be screened during the ‘London International Animation Festival’ tomorrow evening (9.00 PM) in the Horse Hospital Cinema. Check http://www.liaf.org.uk/2009/grad.html for more infos.


Has a fantastic look!


I love the look of this. The story is intriguing as well.

Thanks for sharing!



First of all, thank you for the kind respond and feedback!

As there seams to be a big request on the videos I've updated them in a higher resolution.

Just go for http://www.jonasjarvers.com/projects.html. You Maybe have to hit F5…

Thanks a lot to Ulven, Christopher and the whole messiah community for their feedback, help and support. Thinking about it, it was actually very hard to get into messiah for the first time. Now it's almost two years ago. Before that I mainly used 3ds max and Cinema 4D. Besides a little bit XSI, but no Maya at all. Now, after I've worked on Urs for such a long time, I think it was a complete year, I mainly work with Maya. But that's actually not the point at all. Let's face it guys, whatever tool you use, it's the image which counts in the end. Every software package has it's pros and contras and it's just a decision to make which is the best for the image to look right. But that's anothers threads issue.

For Urs I developed all the character rigs, interfaces, scripts and the animation pipeline which was an extra thing with messiah. I learned a lot from rigs I got from the community and therefore I think the best way to thank you would be to share the rigs of Urs as well. We are going to preparing the models so that nobody is going to make a serial ;) but the main functions, interfaces and scripts should be in it. It just will take some time as I'm on vacation for the next two weeks but that makes it even more exciting. I'm thinking also to explain some stuff I did in some little "how to", but that will take some extra time.

And to be serious, I never thought to make it on the front page ... but with messiah everything is possible :D

Thanks again! Jonas


Wow, just amazing work! Love the overall style/theme and composition…hats off to you!
Couldn’t imaging hauling my mom up a vertical incline like that :slight_smile:


That was a really beautiful trailer Moritz, great job! It feels really different and refreshing to see the backgrounds of painting matching so well with the 3d model and animation. :thumbsup:


(sry for doubl post) :banghead:


Cool designs :applause:
great work, very impressive.


Very inspiring!! Beautiful character designs, sets, lighting, BGs, style… and most important, the story seems interesting! Great work moemayerhofer and the rest of the crew. And it’s very nice of you to share the scripts and character models for rigging dissection. It makes me want to try Messiah.


That is beautiful work. I love the environment. I’ve been trying to perfect something like that for some time now. You seem to have mastered it. Bravo. I’m checking out your rigs now. Gotta see what I can learn. :slight_smile: Keep up the good work.


Now as cgSociety feature!


This is beautiful work. Great character design & thoughtful animation.

Will this be coming out on DVD or something?


The DVD is not available now. I’m still working on it.
Thanks again for the nice feedback. I hope you will all see the entire film soon and enjoy it!




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