Urs_a short film by Moritz Mayerhofer


I’d like to invite you all to check out the trailer http://www.urs-film.com/ to this impressive short film, titled Urs - by Moritz Mayerhofer. He’s also registered here, so feel free to post feedback for him, questions etc. Fellow Filmakademie student Jonas Jarvers http://jonasjarvers.com/ did some very impressive rigs for this project.

Beautiful visuals!


dang cool. was this all done in Messiah. where did the models come from.


Models and rendering were done in LW.


Great job! Nice to see messiah out there! I had an easy time migrating from maya to messiah, it’s been a lot of fun. Looking forward to seeing some behind the scenes and such! Maybe you could share a rig or two with the messiah community…hehehehe?


Ah beautiful!

I am filled with both envy and awe.

I am now in awenvey


Hi there,

my name is Moritz… or just moe :slight_smile:
I’m the director of Urs. Thanks for the kind words!

‘Urs’ is my thesis-project at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, a german filmschool.
It’s a narrative 10 minute short with mixed techniques.
3d Character-Animation, 2d FX-Animation and a lot of matte-paintings.

I also did a lot of other stuff for the short. Mattepaintings, modeling, animation, compositing… I had help of some really cool guys. One of them is Jonas who did the excellent Rig in pmg messiah.

If you have any questions - feel free to ask them! There are many things to say about the project.




Amazing! I love the mood and over all look!


This is Great! The use of 2D and 3D works well. When will those in North America be able to see the full movie?


Beautiful stuff. Some really handy scripts on Jonas’ site to boot.
Congrats to both of you!


Some very sweet videos of the rigs on:



Just checked out Jonas’ site and the vids he has for the Urs rigs. Shows some great stuff with messiah! I definitely want to know more about his setups.

http://www.jonasjarvers.com/projects.html (scroll down to the Urs videos)

Jonas, please tell us more about the rigs. I came to messiah from maya and you seemed to have implemented some stuff that i’ve missed using cause i didn’t know how to do it in messiah.


Really nice design and mode. :thumbsup:


REALLY NICE , good work :wink:


wow, impressive.

I loved the concepts, there’s a lot of weight over shoulders of the character, that’s a very wise character conception, both the sketches and the painted concepts are truly a masterclass of production and art.
The story is outstanding, very emotionally powered, the moods and the overall trailer are great.

Brilliant ! Thanks for sharing such a jewel and for posting at FP on CGTalk :slight_smile:

This kind of artwork is food for our hungry souls :smiley:

My best wishes,


Moritz talked with me about his film. If you’re interested, I invite you to read at


The backgrounds and sets are amazing.

Any chance of a tutorial on the rigging?


i saw the video and what can i say… nice work nice work, two thumbs up in my section…lololol


Hi guys…
I still have to wait for the moderator :slight_smile:
I’m very, very honored by your great feedback! It’s still a young film and I hope that you will see it very soon at a festival around you.
It means a lot to me to get such a great response.
I’m thinking of my new project funny, a bit shorter (than Urs) and in a way more radical.
I have to do my next project because I know that we can rock some really great and moving films. Films that are worth this enornmous effort we all put into those pixels!
Story is essential, but there are even now (in a time when all stories are told) some we can tell. In a way only animation can do. Let’s do it!


Wow I just watched the trailer again for the 4th time. There’s just so much about this that is appealing, the lighting, music etc. I see a lot of thought was put into the storyboards because every camera angle is spot on.

I especially like the shot where URS is packing his mom up the cliff. It just leaves you wanting more. The illustrative look really adds to the mood of the film too. Please tell me when we can see the finished product in Canada.