Urban and Out


I finished my submission for the latest Hum3D contest Survival Car 3D Art Challenge. The majority of the scene was created or populated with Silo models. My entry probably isn’t dynamic or bold enough to place but I finished it while learning a few more ways to improve my modeling skills.



Great work man! I like it a lot!


Thanks, Outburner! I’m going to spend some of my free time to get it where I wanted it with decent lighting, fix some errors, clean up some of those ugly textures, add a stronger backdrop, etc.


I know this sounds so last century, but a pic of some wires would be coolio!


Actually, there are wires hanging from the upper structures (I call them building supports). The way the light comes through it’s difficult to see them.


Haha :smiley: i meant a pic of the model wireframe, sorry.


Outburner! I completely forgot to post this wireframe image for you.


Hey man, pretty complex (for my low-poly standards). Its cool to see and learn from these.
Thanks :smiley:


The majority of the scene objects (mostly background) are low poly. The foreground objects are the only high poly objects most of which is because of the car. It manages to weigh in at over 16m tri’s.