Upcoming Silo features


Hey everyone,

Sorry we’ve been quiet again. Lots of regrouping and figuring out how to balance everything around here. BUT we have continued to work on Silo dev! And we have a sneak peek of some upcoming Silo features on our developer blog: http://nevercenter.com/blog/index.php?pid=5

For the link-click-shy: Look for 3D text, PSD support, and live textures coming soon in the next update! We’ll be sending a message to the Updates email list as soon as it’s live (within the next week), so sign up there to be the first notified (http://nevercenter.com/silo/newsletter/) or check back here (because we will post a link here, too).



How difficult would it be to add a bevel function to the text generator? I think I will get quite a lot of use out of this feature :]


Also, if you managed to get fonts into silo, would it be possible to get simple vector objects from EPS, SVG, etc? That would also be a killer :]


Ooh, those are both interesting ideas. Let me ping the guys on them. Thanks!



The next update is looking great! The one thing I wonder about though, is the organization of the scene editor with everything going on. Would it be possible, in the future, to sort items in the scene editor alphanumerically?


The text and psd features are most welcome. Cheers!


And the update is live! Get it at http://nevercenter.com/silo/download_file :slight_smile:

Note: All three of the new features are somewhat experimental and may have some issues yet to work out. Let us know how it goes. Check out this developer blog for more info (and a note on some 3D text rendering issues): http://nevercenter.com/blog/index.php?pid=5


Everything working well!!
The font curves could use a smoothing setting for refinement.

Thanks for the great update!


Dear developers,i really like ur software best.i say this in all platforms.but the silo needs some critical features i think.i dont want to send my mesh to 3dsxmax for simple tools.
These are :
1-bend modifier
2-make planar function
3-blender like sculpting ability.yes we ve sculpting but its really basic.


Awesome outburner!
I like how easy it is to experiment with different languages too, it’s simple but it just works.


Thank you SO much Nevercenter for the Text Tool. I have been telling myself for years that if Silo had a 3D Text tool, I would not have to have Hexagon installed. So double thank you there. I can finally uninstall Hexagon! Dont mind the second “m” I have seen that happen with text from Hexagon too in Silo 2.3. Not sure why it comes out like that but I know I could fix it if I played connect the dots with all the vertex.


#2 I think Make Planar is the same as Flatten in silo?

Various types of deformers (bend/pinch/twist etc.) would be useful.


The type tool is quite interesting.
I take it only open type fonts are supported?
So the resolution determines the smoothness of the font model.
You need some kind of bevel control though.
That would really make it useful.
What does the height control do?


Whoops, I meant to ask : only true type fonts are supported?


You can also use the numerical editor to flatten using the size xyz parameters.
Also, you can slide verts with the distance setting in the numerical editor.
Btw, you can already bend, twist, pinch, skew and ffd deform with extracted edges/lines. Combine them with your object and turn on spherical soft selection to deform them.
I would prefer if the sculpting worked like a big soft-selection brush or maybe made into an alternate option.


I just noticed today silo updated
great to see they working on

text tool is useful
beveling really tricky
I made test and on inner coners kinky overlaps occuring
I think that’s the reason that atuocad has also difficulties to tapering letters

anyway, grat job


thickened outline, then inset scale made the actual taper…
deleted the thickened outline inner part then bridge the top


however on my other computer, win7 x64 I am unable to run the program
first it was asking for msv100 dll, part of Microsoft visual C

downloaded from Microsoft the msi installer, still silo can not run

I got 3 computer in shop on different machines and this one is in the house the only one can run silo3d


dawg, check to see if “Windows 7 Service Pack 1” is installed on the machines having issues… i had the same thing happen a while back and that seemed to be what was preventing it from opening for some reason - hope that helps


Anyone with this DLL Issue – we just updated the installer to include the msvcr100.dll and msvcp100.dll files, so you should be able to snag the latest installer and have Silo running on your system. :slight_smile: Since this was a Windows-only issue, we only updated the Win installer; get it from http://nevercenter.com/silo/download_file and click the button to download the Windows installer.