Unwrapping UVW Stretch Free a Terrain Surface


I have been struggling for last few weeks and still cannot figure out on how to unwrap a Terrain like surface because there are a lot of Push and Pull commands used to make such surface. For better understanding here is the image

In the above image you can see I had just created a simple plane with about 100x100 segments and used Push/Pull Command to make a simple terrain and when I applied a simple Checkered material on it, the check boxes are stretched out where the area is up like mountains while those areas where the surface is plain, check boxes are just square in shape.

My question is, how can I have exact same square check boxes on all plain whether a plane area or mountainous?

Please note that I do not want to mess with dividing my terrain into different seams like cutting mountains aside and plain area on other with point to point selection or any other way to cut seems.

I have tried relaxing and pelt mapping in Unwrapping UVW but with no success.

Thanking you in anticipation.