untitled_1, Nikita Veprikov (3D)


Title: untitled_1
Name: Nikita Veprikov
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

While ago i have seen Beksinski art. And was amazed how he makes whole worlds. They seemed like from parallel reality. It was my inspiration. This picture came to my mind about week ago. I worked most of all on perspective and lighting. And pay attention to the wind, which gives life to the picture. Still unsatisfied how some thing came out, but anyway i catched the mood. Not a whole, part of it…


Lovely composition man. I would buy a print of it :thumbsup:


Absolutely love it. Very captivating.


This is amazing, very special atmosphere.


it’s very nice.


I like it Nikita,well done!


Very dark atmosphere. Conceivable. I can sense it like I am there
Great work!!!


special and very beautiful :slight_smile:


Unique work with great atmosphere and mood.



so artistic , this one is a master-peace , i like it , outstanding job :scream:


great picture well done! +10


Great idea too, very cool style, I love it!


Great job! Love idea and mood so much :thumbsup:


This is a really cool, really unusual and wonderfully abstract piece. I love seeing this kind of work because it’s so different from the majority of work that gets submitted. I actually originally thought it was a 2D work when I first saw it, because it has such a nice painterly quality.

Really great stuff, front page for you.


outstanding work. :buttrock:I definetly would like to get a higher resolutioned version of this for print. Is it possible? Let me know via PN if so please and what compensation you need (this is for private purposes only…my living room needs exactly this image!). Really love it.



nice idea :applause:



i had the exact same feeling, i actually realized it was a 3d image once i read the post by Leight ^^

looks beautifull, great illustration. :slight_smile:


just wanted to say that this is Magical piece, very artistic!


Different! Cool.


That is amazing. Wonderful work.