Unreal or Unity for Architectural Walk-through - Please Help


Hi Guys, I am a architectural 3D developer. Using 3D Studio Max I did lot of animation and stills for my client. Recently I am getting few requirements about real time walk-through so have to upgrade myself in that particular domain. So which game engine will be perfect suitable for Arc Viz real-time walk-through.

Once I was planning to buy Lumion but came to know that it doesn’t do the realtime things.

Please help…


I recommend Unreal Studio, it’s an alternate version of Unreal Engine that’s geared towards Arch-Viz which would be perfect for you :slight_smile:

Even if Unreal Studio didn’t exist I would recommend Unreal Engine 4, it’s so much easier to achieve photorealism with UE4 as opposed to Unity.
Good luck!


Thank you so much mate.


Hi! Verge3D supports 3ds Max natively and can be used to create interactive architectural visualizations that run on the web (which is great since you don’t need your client to install any additional apps at all, all he/she needs is a plain web browser such as Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge).