Unreal Engine "Photorealistic Landscape Pack 4" noobie installation help


Hi folks… Just acquired Unreal engine and “Photo realistic*Landscape Pack 4” (PRLP4). I’m creating an animated short in 3ds Max and to save time, I want to implement the unreal engine as my enviroments. i figure once all is built within the engine… Tweaking would be so much more efficient for outdoor scenes. Some may disagree with this but I’ve always been curious about GameDev engines and this is my motivation to learn it!!! :smiley:

Anyway… I’ve never used Unreal (or any engine for that matter) before… I’ve placed the “PRLP4” in my “Laucher/VaultCache” folder. I have a compatible Unreal engine version for the pack BUT I’m not exactly sure on how to import it/add it to project???.. Unsure whether you import it and its automatically ready to use OR if I have to import & apply all individual components manually (meshes, textures etc)???..

Anyone with experience using this pack or Unreal offering any tips or links on tutorials on how to do this would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Figured it out after a lot of experimenting, googling…no help but my own… sometimes that can be the best way to grow…

Thanks guys… you’re the best!!!*:blush:


Not sure how you acquired the pack, but it’s quite simple.

Also, a simple Google search on “installing content in Unreal” shows this: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Basics/AssetsAndPackages/* in the first thee results.

But good you figured it out by yourself :wink: