Unreal as render solution


I see some quality work in Unreal/Unity and offspring programs. I’m interested is there any spec. reason game engines aren’t used as def. rendering solution in concept art? We almost always do some post in PS, so I’m kinda interested what is the reason behind V-ray, Redshift etc still being used as standard tools. Game engines require less hardware power and are real time as opposed to traditional approach where, depending on the scene and rig you wait minutes or hours.


Offline renderers are still superior in quality and possibilities. There are a lot of things that real time engines can’t do yet.
Realtime engines, while they made huge progress the last few years, are still using a lot of approximations which are verry noticably low quality compared to what offline renderers can do.
Offline renderers can pretty much render anything you throw at them.

Also, don’t be fooled to think its much easier/better just because it renders some things faster. The amount of work needed to make good looking realtime stuff is much higher than the time you would need if you were using an offline renderer. And in many you still need to bake things like GI (if you want decent looking GI), normal maps, etc…