Universal Tags


Similarly to the ratings and comments, I am developing a tag system allowing artwork to be categorised.

Unlike the more traditional forms of categorisation like folders, tags allow the same bit of information to be stored under several categories, without duplicating the information.

Each individual piece of artwork can be tagged by every user on the system, with popular tags rising to the top.

You can look at a preview of a tag-based gallery page at: http://portfolio.cgsociety.org/gallery/


Curious, does this link:


show a gallery with tags related to everyone’s own tags?

One suggestion, should an automatic tag of the person’s username be applied to any image that they post?


No. if you want to look at a particular user’s artwork, you can just visit their portfolio.

The default gallery page, (at the moment) shows the most recently submitted art (currently it’s only showing the most recently submitted art that has been viewed by a beta tester).

The two blocks of tags show the 50 most popular tags site wide, and then a user’s 50 most popular tags.


Ah, gotcha, thanks.


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