Universal Rating


To address the problems with the current star ratings system, I’m trialing a system that doesn’t “grade” art, so much as it asks if you want to see more, or less of similar artwork.

As users of the system make selections about which art they want to see more or less of, it learns which artworks particular users may find interesting.

This changes the assumption that artwork needs to be graded as good or bad - to one of all art being equal.

Popularity is only based on upwards votes, meaning “Trolls” can’t drag back popular artwork, only exclude art of that type from their gallery. It also removes the subjectiveness of rating something, either you want to see more of this sort of thing, or less.

22032007 - Ratings now available for blog entries


I like this idea


Sounds like a good idea.


Like the idea, hopefully it can be implemented to the gallery system


If you utilise it in a way that it learns itself…
Ie user A likes Stalbergs work, says he likes it, and is tagged, User B liked stalbergs work, and also likes INFINITE’s work, so user A can get a list of works that User B likes.
Eventually you can make a table with popular types of work floating at the top…
This way it kinda is self regulating.


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