[Unity] Shader programmer's help needed please


Hi, I’m starting to grasp Shaderlab but having some difficulties here and would really really appreciate some help.

I found thisshader and would like to modify it so that instead of just affecting the area under a specified Y value it can be depending on how the object collides.
In a more visual representation:
(I can’t seem to be able to include gifs but here’sone)

That’s what I need to be able to do, to instead of just give a world-based Y value (blue line) I can use the orientation of the object, collision (best option), face normals, or something, to say what area is affected by the melting (be able to rotate it like with the red line).

I can’t paste code here either or it loses all the indentations… but I made a question in StackExchange where you can see it :slight_smile:

So yeah, I would really appreciate any help… I’ve been trying for couple days now. Tried to change all the world position values to be object oriented but for some reason it gives me the same results…