Unity / Maya Character Animator ~2 week remote contract


Poleaxe Games is seeking a talented animator to create character animations for our Steam Early Access title, Empire of Ember. As the successful applicant, you will be creating melee attack and defense animation on a dedicated first-person viewpoint rig in the full version Maya, not student or LT.

• Strong Maya skills.
• Affinity and experience with combat-oriented melee animation.
• Comprehensive understanding of character rigging, IK and FBIK animation in Maya…
• Not afraid to ask questions.

• Love of fighting games.
• Comprehensive understanding of character rigging and animation for export to Unity
• High comfort level working in Unity, and collaborating at a technical level on aspects of animation implementation in gameplay contexts, and at least a basic understanding of AnimationControllers.
• Familiarity with Plastic SCM is a plus, but not essential.

Empire of Ember is essentially a first-person game of swords & sorcery. The player runs around the game world fighting evil with melee weapons, bows, wands and magic spells. The animation for the player is created on a purpose-built rig in Maya, and exported to Unity as baked FBX files. In Unity, the incoming FBX animation is split into clips (sometimes multiple per file) and these are assigned to animator controllers. Your task will be to improve and replace existing animations to specification, exporting to Unity and testing iteratively to ensure the look and feel of the animation meets or exceeds expectations while matching the technical timing requirements. This job is expected to last up to two weeks, including time to familiarize with the project environment and setup. Pending continuing review of content and design goals, additional jobs may present over time.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Contract
Pay: $25.00 - $40.00 per hour

Please include salary requirements, availability, and a link to your portfolio.



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