Unfolding A 3D Model



I have an elliptical shape, like a blimp, that I want to unfold so I can paint textures on an image in PHSP. Anyone know of a good way to do this? That won’t cost a fortune? I made a texture in PHSP already, but the shape is wider than it is tall, and it doesn’t line up properly.



what program did you use to create the shape? Also, what type of textures are you painting?


Hi Craig,

you can try UV Mapper Classic, which is free.





My models are all made in Form Z and exported as .fac then I exported an .obj file to attempt the mapping and I just hit one wall after another. I’d love to have UVs so I could paint in Z Brush or Bodypaint and just simply import the model with the textures intact.

In another thread discussing this, Silo is recommended. I just wonder if it can add UVs to existing models made in other apps?

And thank you very much for the tip on UV Mapper, Stephan. Much appreciated.



SteamRoller may help. It’s an EI plug in.
Blender and Wings are free has UVs and you can find tutorials on YouTube.
I do consider O2F to be the default tool for OBJ import, but I often use Maya and FBX with EI.


Too bad EIAS3d didnt get the rights to sell O2FACT. We now have acces to Maya models but without OBJ2FACT i dont see how can i import Paint FX into EIAS?


What happened to Jens? Is XP going to be in future releases of EI? What about Rodeo?

PFX would be the same as OBJ, just use FBX. But as I mentioned, if you use EIAS and Obj, then you should already have O2F.

And I agree, they should have figured out a solution with Ramjac. EI needs them.


Simple if you want to keep selling seats of an app you should already implement a way to bring your OBJ textures,and polys. What about those with PC? So dont defend so blind full EIAS you might fall into a ditch.


Anywyas is not that OBJ2FACT is gonna save your ars.
A.C have you tried Silo again?
You can also add UV coordinates in Bodypaint i have done these with model coming from EIM.



Thanks for your advise on blindness and ditches. I’ll will avoid them both.


Hi Alonzo,

What’s a good way to get Z Brush textures into EI? Please?


  1. ZB to O2F to Fact to EIAS.

  2. ZB to Maya to FBX to EIAS.

  3. Sometimes transporter.

One of the two usually always works for me.

There’s probably more solutions, like PolyTrans, or Silo.

If anyone else have more solutions please feel free to add them.


Hi Alonzo,

Thanks. I wasn’t knocking EI BTW.



I didn’t take it that way. :wink:




You do a lot to share your enthusiasm. I’m glad you’re out there.



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