Understanding the Colorizer


I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the way the colorizer works; I have a clone of 3 objects with a formula effector returning the formula “mod(id;3)/2” with a min of 0 and a max of 100. The color mode is set to “On” and the cloned objects’ material has a luminance channel with a Mograph Color Shader applied underneath a Colorizer using the following gradient:

Yet the result in the middle (which should be returning a formula value of 50% [which is in the range 33 to 66]) is black (not red)!

Why is this? Why is the colorizer not working as expected?
When I take the colorizer off and use only the color shader, we can see that it goes from black to white as expected:

Of course I can always change the position of the gradient keys to get the effect I want, but I’m wanting to understand why the 50% gray capsule isn’t coming out red.

Here is my scene file:
sample.c4d (223.8 KB)


Does anybody understand why it behaves this way? It’s important to me that I figure out how to map the result from a formula effector to a gradient.