Unable to edit profile or account settings



I may be a bit stupid. But for some reason, I’m neither able to edit my forum profile nor my account settings. All attempts end up with “500 - Internal Server Error”. Tested in Chrome and Vivaldi on Win10.

Edit: Actually it’s not only my own settings. I also get this error, whenever I click on somebody else’s name/avatar.



Sorry, to bump this.
Really nobody has an idea?
Do the moderators even look into these threads?


Nobody reads these, there’s evidently no mods. My actual cgtalk account is broken and cant post, it just gives me server errors.


Yeah, I already thought so. Sad…

So, what are we supposed to do?
Create new accounts and hope these don’t break again (with all negative side effects of a changed account)?
Change to a platform, where the basics are working and where support is provided, when support is due?

And, just out of curiosity, as you seem to be able to post here, can you enter the account or profile settings? Are these really located at username.cgsociety.org, because that’s where my links are pointing to and where I end up with the above error?


Funny fact, while this forum does not seem moderated anymore, my issue got nevertheless silently solved. I can access my account of profile settings again. Yeah! Thanks to whoever fixed it!