Unable to bake emitter particles



I was hoping someone could help me figure out why I am unable to bake my particles.

My project consists of a proxy object acting as a ghost collider for a dynamic set up. the idea is that the particles following the spline will appear to be pushing past a dynamic hinge set up but it is really the proxy object pushing past.

However when i try to bake my particles so that I can properly time the ghost collider and the particles hitting the dynamic object at the same time- i am unable to. Everything seems to be working in order - I go through the whole process of setting which particles to bake from which frames… i even get the baked particle icon next to my emitter. However when I try to scrub through the timeline from 0 forward the particles disappear. Also when I save and close out the c4d and then try to open it again the particles again disappear.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

attached below is the c4d file in case it is helpful!

unable to bake particles.c4d (369.5 KB)


Hello there, i downloaded your project and played little bit with it and i got it working… take a look at this file>>>

590af2bce94ece806030caeff4ad8aa6f5a824d3_working_dynamics.c4d (120.5 MB)

Classic way to bake an emitter via Mograph Cloner…