UE4 Unwanted holes in imported FBX mesh


Heyy I just recently picked up UE4 and am having trouble importing my smoothed mesh into the scene, without having errors like holes in the mesh(i turn smoothing in maya before exporting on, and uncheck every box in the export fbx file settings)
Tried everything from triangulating the whole mesh and doing a cleanup but that didn’t help too. Also in terms of Uvs there’s no overlapping on the face part, only the eye and arm+hand uv islands are overlapping. I’d appreciate any help

Some verticies f.ex. on the outer eyelid are a bit closer togethter maybe thats why? I’m really confused

Also when I import my mesh completely none of the errors mentioned above are happening, but thats ofc not the look I’m aiming for.


Unreal Engine Issue(Holes in mesh):