[UE4] Blade Runner 2049 light study (Feedback needed)



I am a beginner environment artist, and I have recently made a light study of a Blade Runner 2049 shot, and I am looking for professional people to give me feedback about the scene. This small project has been created in order to place it in my portfolio, and this is the main reason it needs to be as perfect as possible.

I also need to say that I am new in this kind of forums, and my posting ability is not quite good yet, but I guess if you need more images or information I will be able to post it in the public conversation.

In Figure 1 is possible to see my work inside Unreal based on the screenshot of the Figure 2.

Finally, I want to say that every comment would be very useful for me, and I will be so grateful to all of you.

Figure 1: Final result in Unreal

Figure 2: Reference image