Tyrande - High Priestess of Elune, George Panfilov (3D)


Title: Tyrande - High Priestess of Elune

Name: George Panfilov

Country: Russia

Software: maya ZBrush substance painter Photoshop marmoset xnormal marvelous

Submitted: 9th June 2016

Hello, guys!
Today I want to share my new project based on Warcraft universe.
I love how carefully the stories of all characters interact with each other.
Especially I love the period of Legion’s invasion on Azeroth. Tyrandre is one of my favorite characers.
To be prepared for the project I read her biography and historical background related to her to know better her personality.
The next step was to find clothing design. I chose classical white style related to official artworks.
For the face, I used photo Evangeline Lilly as a reference. I think she would be an excellent actress for Tyrandre.
One more variation of clothing of the high priestess.


Nice compositions


Hey that ivy might alter the arrow path :cool: