Ty Ferrell - Sketching WIPs and Studies


Currently I am enrolled in CGMA Next Gen Character Creation with Adam Skutt. Building it right from the start and realism are the big pushes so far. Here’s my WIP of my interpretation of Stephen King’s Roland Gunslinger from his Dark Tower series:

C and C always welcomed


This is pretty exceptional for week 5 and a wip. Keep the effort going you put in thus far and this will get you a good 2 to 3 years of personal promotion amd growth. Glad to see you posting!


Hi Travis - thanks to checking out the start of my sketchbook and the motivating words!


The bust for this character is at a nice place for me to begin tackling the other parts of the model. Right now I’m working on the arms. CandC welcomed:


More work on the hands:


Just getting started on retoping the bust. I’m not thrilled with the flow around the lower eye cheek area. I’ll have to redirect the flow to get a good deformation there. I’m using 3D coat


After about 4 attempts I have a decent retop mesh to work with


Keep us updated on this one!

   Thanks for checking in! I thought I did but I see I didn't

The class was great. Lot’s of information to absorb and use. I am hoping to complete this personal work. Hopefully it doesn’t end up in my personal work limbo folder :slight_smile:

Here’s where I am so far

I started with Fibermesh for hair curves and then had to change to hair planes… software issue

Polypainted in Zbrush

I took a crack at using Unreal Engine. The hair just did not come out right. I’ll have to try this again

Highpoly arm sculpts. I plan to complete the whole character


This is a beauty shot using Keyshot as the renderer


Looking good


checking in to see if you have updates ty


Thanks Travis! I will be back on the Gunslinger soon!


I am starting to get the hang of Unreal Engine rendering. I reset my UNreal project and went back through loading the mesh and maps. Here’s where I am so far. The hair is a bit frustrating, Hair cards are not as simple as I thought to realisitcally light in UE4


This week I critiqued the bust and begin tweaking. I’ll show the update next week I think. Still in the learning mode for UE4.


Cracking the code of UE4. I am going to call his bust complete for now. As I build the remainder of the character, I’m sure I’ll tweak here and there. (Realisitc) Hair cards are pretty complicated to handle in UE4.


I’m back in Zbrush. I have some clothes I made in Marvelous Designer for my character. Marvelous Designer is a very good tool but I’m not quite sure if I want to invest yet. I know I will eventually, but it takes a good deal of time to learn and integrate (as most software). Tweaking the clothes imported from Marvelous Designer also takes a little time to do. Most tutorials I have found have the same process. Tweak the mesh a bit - Zremesh it - Tweak some more until it looks right - Then retop. If you know of a less manual way to get the job done, l;et me know (thank you in advance!). I didn’t get to far on the clothes in Zbrush. I think I’ll side step and try to fix the clothes in Maya and import that to Zbrush. I’ll let you know how it goes:


Before I get back into the hair issues. I’m going to complete the remaining highpoly sculpt for the Gunslinger. I noticed some issues with the shirt that forced me to rework the mesh a bit. Fix it before it can become a real problem.


I returned to see CGSociety is now CGTalk witha sleek new design…well done. It’s been a little time since my last udpdate. I’m finishing up the shirt in both highpoly sculpt and retop’d lowpoly for animation. It’ll be a few weeks before I get back to the Gunslinger again:


Added retop’d pants and working on the accessories…going smoothly so far