two clouds influencing eachother?


I have been trying to achieve the following: an emitter emits particles in the direction of a cube. On collision the particles are deleted, but trigger a new emission from another side of the cube (or better: an extracted polygon (“keep”) thereof). But no matter what I tried, I can’t get the collision to trigger the second emission. I pained myself with “Set Data”/“Get Data”, to create a boolean to use as an emission-trigger for the second pointcloud but all I get are all kinds of “context conflicts” :smiley:
Is there any (probably quite simple) way to create a setup like the one I tried describing above? If so, how would I go about, creating this? :blush:


On collision, use an Add Point or Clone Point node to add a particle to the same cloud or a different one.

With Add Point, you need to specify the location for the new point. One way to restrict this to the other side of the cube is to create a cluster and use it in the Filter attribute of Get Geometry Sample. It’s also up to you to set all of the particle’s other attributes, i.e., velocity, size, mass, etc.

With Clone Point, all attributes are copied over from the old particle, including its position, so you’ll need to manually move it to the other side of the cube. Here again, you could use a cluster with Get Geometry Sample, get the PointPosition at that location, and use that to set the new particle’s PointPosition.


Thanks a lot!!! :thumbsup:
That solution seems more complicated than I hoped it to be,
but being an ICE-Noob I guess I can be glad I didn’t overlook the obvious!


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