tweak mode in softimage lags orbiting the camera in 2015


My problem is modeling in the viewport lags very much but only in times when I orbit my camera while in tweak mode. At all other modes it is fast and convenient. This also doesn’t have any correlation with polygon count and model history, since I freeze all the time and I am under immediate mode.

My version is 2015, I am on windows 8.1, using a 28core processor with 64gb of ram and a gtx980Ti video card.

Any ideas on how to bypass this. I’ve just about tinkered with every display parameter under the softimage preferences, including my video card settings for the program, but no luck at all. Would I have to go under the setenv.bat inside of the XSI folder and do some forced in-program mods, as it could be an OpenGL problem?


Did you try FREEZE (modeling actions) of model?