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i agree


i found a usefull tip (for me), maybe everybody know, when you want to save a perspective view, just highlight the perspective view and pulse Ctrl+c an creates a camera that fit perfectly to you perspective view.

now you have unlimited “tag views”


A “hidden” shortcut veeeery usefull when modelling.

SHIFT + X in editable poly or editable mesh. It will snap your subobject to the near edges. For example, moving a vertex along an edge. Works perfect. Hit again to turn off.


Something i found by accident:lightbulb. If you select anything from the toolbox in the right click menu on the viewport and after you wan to select it again, just do left click in the same toolbox on the tab that contain the title (display,transform etc). With this way you can select the last selection realy quick…


When you modelling you dont need the time slider and the track bar so you can hide it realy easy from customize user interface, bind a hotkey for “show time slider” and “show track bar toggle”. You can hide/unhide everytime you need it. Is not a big deal but you save some space. :stuck_out_tongue:


One more usefull tip, atleast for me. If you write “gc()” in the command line (lower left corner) and press enter maxs memory is resfreshed.

I really like this thread but isn’t there anybody out there with any other usefull tips…? or just don’t want to share? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


OK, for those who didn’t pay attention:

All the tips&tricks are in: “Share your 3dsmax Secrets” thread


Hi I’m a beginner and i want to learn how to use the program but in my tutorial’s folder i can’t find the examples of the tutorial!! i’m downloading 123 Mb of discreet tutorial files for stuio max 7 but i don’t know if they are the same!
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If you haven’t checked out www.3d-palace.com they have hours and hours of free video tutorial. The tutorials are great for beginners.

Also, Andy Murdock from www.lotsofrobots.com is releasing his 2nd DVD with animation and tutorials. I enjoyed the first one and for 24.95 is was a good buy.



Hi all, i’m architect and new here with you, i would like modeling courses, lighting material and rederening with v-ray of building. I mean architectural buliding.
Thank you all previously