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CAR TUTORIAL (by Karabo Legwaila)

This link is dead


New site, we’re growing!



CAR TUTORIAL (by Karabo Legwaila)

This link is dead

When links are dead you can often search for a copy of the page you are looking for at the Internet Archive - Wayback Machine. Where you will find the archived results for their search of the net, year by year, sometimes there will be no result if the site was not up for a whole year.


Here is the 1st page of the Car tutorial, unfortunately their are no images.


If you google the name Tutorial Writer Karabo Legwaila, you will find that the tutorial is located at many other sites as well. Here is the link for 3dTotal’s copy of the tutorial.



Thanks for the tutorials! awesome!


00 some 3ds max UI basics and some general tips.
01 exposure controllers / why gamma
02 gamma correcting maps - gamma utility
03 arch design overview

Sound is ok but not great. These are pretty basic stuff nothing awfully advanced - I made them to my friend but migth as well share.



Nice list of tutorials. Shame it’s out-dated and many link are dead :frowning:

On the tutorial note, are there any tutorials that deal with making an entire room? Like “make a living room”-tutorial, where they go through making everything? Do those things exist? Or are there only “make a sofa” tutorials and “make a glass tutorial” which one has to use in conjunction to make a room?



hi guys


i made this tutorial. hope u like this…
comment will appreciated on there…:wink:



I guess I have been scouring the internet for a good tutorial on photo realism. There is just something missing from my architectural renders, and I believe it has alot to do with not rendering out passes and compositing them in some other app. Anyone know of a good tutorial for rendering out all the passes and compositing them in a proper way in like after effects or something?


Hi all:

I use ProBoolean’s “Make quadrilaterals” and some tricks to create a cityscape with 3ds max 2010. Hope you like it : )


more info click HERE

Hammer Chen


hello, im trying to asign 1 material to multiply objects as follows:

s1 = [255, 255, 255]

for i = 1 to 100 do

    Foliage name:"abc"  Height:a Density:1 Pruning:b  pos:[(i*70)+xpos,ypos,zpos] isSelected:on
    VNmat    =    StandardMaterial    \
                name:"VNmat"        \
    $abc.material = VNmat 


and creates 100 objects, but the problem is only the first 2 objects gets the material collor i assign at s1, the later ones gets some random collor which i have no idea where it comes from.

so i would like to ask if someone know whats the problem in here, i hope i made my self clear, if not please ask me for details.

dont mind the xpos,ypos,zpos, they are some user spesific numbers.



Pretty good tutorials from autodesk…hope u will like it…a lot of interesting materials about modeling, shading, compositing and so on … new features in max 2011 :slight_smile:


Basic and simple tutorials can be found here: Tutorials for 3ds MAX


lolzzzz 98% link not working lol


Hey guys, since this is a max forum and I have an issue can I get someones opinion? I’m trying to shade my interior of my car, but it’s all xrayed…? I tried to apply a new shader to it, but nothing effected it, any thoughts on what caused this, or how to fix it maybe?


Try Alt+x? It looks transparent for me…


Yeah I tried that, it didn’t end up working. but thanks though. :slight_smile: I am wondering if it was an import issue, i imported it from max 2011 to 2009 as FBX, but everything seemed to be ok, except my interior. lol


Figured it out. I had to open up it’s Object properties, and raise the visibility to 1.0, AND turn the visibility of the object on. It had a layer overide to make it invisible…how could I be so careless? lol


A very good collection of Tutorials can be found at

Here are some links of Tutorials:
Making of Silent Bell
Making of Angkor Temple
Making of Fuel Pump

Hope you Like the Tutorials…:slight_smile:


I’ll be continuing to collect youtube videos in playlists on my channel:

Channels mostly dedicated to Max tutorials are featured under “Learn 3DS Max”.

Also, a AHK script / tutorial for enhanced viewport navigation: link


Hello, I am new to the forum.

I am making hair with spline. I am having trouble with hair coming out of areas that I don’ want. It doesn’t matter how far I move my spline from my head object, in this case the face. Has anyone have this problem before or any ideas how to fix it?

I am using 3dsMax 2012, PC windows 7.

Thank you very much.