Tutorials Galore *updated December 12 2003*


Yeah! Those links are realy useful. Thanks a lot dude.:thumbsup:


I didn’t see http://www.3d-palace.com in here.

Check out the Audi A3 tutorial.

There are 32 free video tutorials that cover a lot of subjects.



492 video tutorials actually, over 300 of which are free :slight_smile: Currently we have over 50 gigs of tutorials.




hey ppl

I dnt mean to be rude, and I truly appreciate the effort placed into the listing of so many tutorials for us beginners, but considering how good these forums are (and how professional etc) - I rly think someone should go over the links, cause there is a large number that doesn’t work…

On a more positive note, thanx for all the effort put into this… Otherwise it wud be a long extensive task to find even half of these tutorials.


Hello , great lists , i would tell you that there are new tutorials and articles on http://www.xenomorphic.co.uk


This is a great post. Neat, orderly, and very easy to use.

I wonder if it’s possible to rate these tutorials on this thread or another. Different tutorials may have different ratings from each individual and ratings help a lot too especially newbies.


Thanks for the great tuts.

What about non plug-ins ocean seacost tut. With foam of cause.




thanks a lot.


cool thanks!


Talk about stumbling upon a great find, thanks for all the contributions. Anyone know of any great space warp tutorials?:scream:


This topic may as well be removed considering the amount of dead links it has. Its now 2005 and its not been updated for a long long time.


i agree, or atleast delete dead links/fix the links


Hi guys,

I am looking for VIDEOS TUTORIALS focus on ANIMATION like the ones in 3dbuzz or 3d-palace. The thing is there a lot of videos about modeling but hardly on animation. VIDEOS are so far the best tutorials ever, pdf and reading endless instructions are the past. Thanks


This is absolutly great, I seriosly like the rigging one

well done, any tutorial on rigging


a revision of hte links, imho, is in order. most links are broken anyway


Nice tutorials. Thank you very much :thumbsup:


Hi I am new to Max. I need a tutorial on how to make a bathtub and Fighter plane.

Please help.


First just learn the basics (links are all over the thread) and than try the bathtub… I wouldn’t know any tutorial dedicated to how to make one… For the fighter plane you could try the one that ships with MAX itself? Got some great tutorials under “help”


very comprehensive thanks alot!:thumbsup: