Tutorials and Request


I have made a multitude of tutorials regarding landscape design. Including Gaea and it’s predecessor, Geo Glyph. I have been an active user of Gaea since it’s beta stages and was heavily involved in some of the design that went into it.

You can see my videos on it here.


hi guys new to gaea and been following the tutorials I could find but the one I cannot seem to find is a good tutorial on doing waterfalls in gaea. I have a 3D scene I need terrain for and I need like a steep faced cliff that has a river at the bottom and on the side in view a large waterfall or series of falls that feed the river. my scene is to have a bridge going across the cliffs over the river that I will have the bridge destroyed partway across. I could model it in max but Gaea seems like it would make a more believable landscape.

and points to waterfall with cliffs tutorials would be appreciated