TUTORIAL - Figurative Concept Pieces - by Gangus


Thanks a ton for the answers to both questions, my apologies for being MIA, I did get your pm and I’ve just gotten behind with emails / pms etc., but it’s always a pleasure to read your thoughts and it’s great to hear your responses. :slight_smile:



Beautiful - Just Beautiful!!!



Well I think there’s nothing that I can honestly tell you except that I’m here, drooling in silence.


Here’s an example that shows with enough sketching you can eventually stumble onto something greater. This old sketch is the first brainchild of the Victory Gal series in that it was the first time on paper that I decided to try and merge plane and female together.

It was more a literal approach to the idea, but still the initial thought nonetheless. I have just posted this at a higher res if you want to get a better look at it on my portfolio- but also recently finished the final paint of it (due to it’s historical creative significance) to add to the Victory Gal series- currently awaiting validation to the 2D galllery.


I have trouble finding a concept artist like yourself that can pull off such dramatic poses while displaying fantasy content like vikings, dragons, etc. Most of the time fantasy drawings are stiff and rigid, showing a pose or snapshot where yours are very stylized and suggest movement and animation. Very inspiring work!!!

Working at Raven must be a blast. 15 fellow classmates and I had the privilege to take a sneak peek at the facilities last December and I must say we were all absolutely blown away with the talent and quality! Plus let’s be honest, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is pretty much an amazing game. :slight_smile:

Plus, doing all that while representing the frozen tundra of Wisconsin! A+! :thumbsup:

Keep the tutorials and suggestions coming, I think we all can benefit from an expert such as yourself!


Hey Gangus,
Just found your really wonderful thread. Don’t want to take up too much of your space here, but I have to comment on this great sketchbook.
Most generous in the time you give to explain and show your working process, a valuable insight into an artists thinking. I am always on the prowl to pick up anything I can use here and there from talented artists, like yourself.

I’m currently pouring over concept art books, reading about artists processes, checking out lotsa tutorials and exploring the digital brush in Photoshop and Painter. BTW- Frazetta is what sparked my lifelong pursuit of character design. His work and influence is historic to illustration. So many young artists have been inspired by him without even knowing it.

My goal is to become a proffesional concept character artist, asap. I have much to experience, yet, but I hope to one day have the opportunity to exploit what skills I do have in a proffesional creative capacity. Which, makes this thread invaluable for the information presented.

Thanks for posting those tutorials. Love understanding why certain approaches work. Very helpful and inspiring.
I find all your advice most interesting and true. Indeed, asking alot of questions from more experienced folks has become key in helping expand my skills and knowledge. Thanks also, for turning me onto work from artists I had never known about. Greg Staples and Brandon Kitkouski’s, WOw! Their digital paints are beautifully approached.

You bet, Gangus. I’m going to be looking out for the start of your workshop.

P.S. Regarding Waskers’ question. Perhaps, the model concept designer had scribbles and threw a paper over it to pick out the clean lines of the design. A traditional animation clean-up technique, which is similar to your suggestion, esp. using the Sanford blues, which is also used for animating proir to clean-up.


Hey any news on when the workshop will start??


wow…wow…these pictures all are great…especially those sketches are so wonderful…:thumbsup: :thumbsup: …no words…*****5 stars …:bounce: :bounce:


don’t want to be disrespectful but does anyone know hat the status of this workshop is?
i know glenn’s situation, just wondering what’s going on…



I am very saddened to report that Glen Angus, great artist and mentor, has passed away.


All our best to his family.


Indeed RebeccaK,

he was really great in his artwork and help in the figurative arts , and always helped folk out constantly. He is one of the masters of digital art now.

I hope his wife and kids will be alright


I’m shocked and saddened at his passing.
My best to his family.

Indeed, his thoughts and work will continue to inspire many many artists.