TUTORIAL - Figurative Concept Pieces - by Gangus


Hi there !

Glad to see you’re inspired !
I believe that workshop will be a great success !

Best wishes ! Cya !


Great work, Gangus - i’m definitely looking out for the tutorial and the workshop; because i have no idea how you can draw like that!


Nice work! Yes, if you ran a tutorial on your process or how you do what you do I’m definately interested in knowing about it!! So, count me in!



Originally posted by gangus: I hope hasn’t caused you any unneccessary headaches by directing requests to you- terribly sorry for that. Thank again for helping me set this up

Absolutely no worries! :slight_smile: Heh, just didn’t want to get deluged with a huge number of requests. :smiley: No problem at all, I think it’s pretty clear there’s a ton of interest for your Workshop. :wink:


Count me in. I would love to learn those techniques


I adore and admire your work as hell, the level of detail and great balance in those images are just A W E S O M E, I could stare at your art for years without geting bored.
How old are you?

BTW: I insist and insist again, when are this guys gonna give you well deserved CG Award??? when when when???


Ha! Wow! very nice work very very nice work…

we are not even worthy to look upon it…

thanks for sharing…



Oh, God. What can I say? I can only repeat three words: The Workshop, please!! :bounce:


Amazing art, purely amazing.


amazing work! i need this tutorial badly.


AMAZING WORK! I especially like the Norse characters.

Please do a workshop! If you do… I’m there!!!


Here is the new pieces as promised- plus the ones that I removed at the beginning of the thread to make room for the tutorial:

Hope you like :slight_smile:


Here are the two that I removed for the tutorial in case someone never got a chance to view them all- remember they are all larger and in color in my portfolio on this forum.



Hi Guys,
First of I want to thank Rebaccak again for being great to work with and talk to- looking forward to working more with you on the workshop.

Conkrys:Hopefully I’ll be able to bring it.

unclehrum:thanks dude.

Krimble2000: Always an honor and a pleasure to be an inspiration

CyborgJA: Sounds awesome, lets set that up imediately. I must warn you that I am extremely passionate and overbearing, plus there are some hair issues that you might have to get used to. (very magnum-esque) Let me check with my wife to make sure it’s okay, but as long as your cooking italian dishes I don’t think she’ll mind so much :wink:

Diabolos: Cool! If you do- I would love to see it and potentially have it sent to one of those rotosculpting places to have a prototype made of it. I’ve been hoping a baddass modeler would be interested in doing this with either the superman or Thor piece from this thread.

anim_ziggy: cool, keep an eye open for it.

AzoiC: Anytime, feel free to write- I’ll check out your portfolio as soon as I can.

T4D: Hope your still thinking of them, glad they were able to get in your head like an annoying song (mine is the damn theme to mission inpossible- I’f I’m behind the wheel of a car when it strikes- things get dangerous)

Ehsan: Thanks dude- still feel I have a long way to be considered a master of any sort :slight_smile:
your work is progressing amazingly BTW

OKMER: Thanks Okmer, glad you like the style in these.

beelow: Hope you like the tutorial I just added. You gave me the idea of doing the next Victory Gal with this particular style of mine- Hope you keep an eye out for the next one.

redmonkey: Thanks- I allways love putt’n detail- sometimes ad-nauseum

Icey:waiting for your questions. Glad you like! :slight_smile:

LunaticuMaster: Sorry for the confusion- hopefully you get this repoly and comeback to this thread to see the tutorial.

Sraszek: Glad you like the sketches- The tutorial is there to get you thinking and interested -I’ll have more tutorials and specific exercises that I will give you feedback on in the upcoming workshop- probably April. More to come.

Sulamoon: Thanks! look forward to seeing you in the workshop in April

adiere: It inspires me that I can get others drawing.

Lman: Yeah I’ve been extremely welcomed here to see the front page as much as I have- it keeps me pushing myself. I apreciate the props on the award. Someday (hopefully)

Simon3D: Glad you like the style :slight_smile:

ares623:Sorry again for the delay on the tutorial- I meant to do it right away than some personal and professional stuff came up- Hope you get a chance to check it out now.

Roja: Thank you so much- look forward to seeing you there.

SpiritDreamer: Thanks for visiting the portfolio- there be some more goodies up there soon :slight_smile:

elnady: I’ll try and keep them coming- some are older pieces ressurected from the coffers- Hopefully be adding more recent work soon.

Hordak: Thanks dude. That is what first inspired me to draw as a kid so it was awesome to get to do woirk for the new deities books. Glad you apreciate the Shar piece

siouxfire: Wow, ,what a truly inspiring comment, especially considering the company kept here at CG. Thank you so much

Liquidik: “WOWWWW…this dinitely keeps up my desire to draw and learn!”
It’s funny, but getting such a response does the same thing for me.

michael-olszak: thanks dude.

botched: Thanks- hope to see you in the workshop :slight_smile:

snowkiwi: I have some more cute stuff- I’ll certain add some- Glad you liked the Valhalla post- it was one of my favourite endevours- the one thing that I thought I would have gotten an award for. (oh well) You and I share ther same tastes- the cat is one of my favs as well.

Intervain: Thanks- I’m sure Rebeccak will do an amazing job in keeping you guys updated about the future workshops.

Taibatsu: That is a special piece for me- drew it in a hotel one night while at a show- Mike Kaluta ended up picking it as one of his favourite pieces in the show at Gen Con a year later. It’s hanging in my sons bedroom.

olya: thaaaaaaanks.wow yourself nice portfolio- always good to hear from a fellow Canadian :slight_smile:

Djampa: Thanks I hope it goes well-being my first n all- I am going to studies previous workshops to see what works best.

batte812: Well the tutorial is at the begginning of the thread but the true secret of drawing like that is tons o shrooms…just kidding. Check the tutorial out at the begginning- read the post before it_ I think there are some decent pieces of advice- stuff that I wish someone would have told me 15 years ago.

zdparker: Thanks- Check the tutorial out at the beginning of this thread- it’s up or visit my portfolio. If memory serves correct I believe you have posted in my guestbook- I will reply to your question there. Thanks again.

Seppuku: Sounds good- started trying some of the tips I put in this tutorial and I will see you in the workshop.

betito: ah my friend you are always so kind to me. To answer the age question- you’ll have to send me a pm- I don’t want to give too much up :wink:
Thanks again for the callout for an award- it’s nice to have so many people looking out for me.

norvman: hah! not worthy? If you knew how much of a ponce I can be at times you wouldn’t say that :slight_smile:

Blassing: Don’t worry -I’m all in for the workshop- just want to make sure you guys get the most from it- I’ll try and have it ready for April.

AdmiralRa: Thanks!

levin: The tutorial is at the begginning of the thread now- sorry to make you guys wait so long- please read the attached reply as well. Or feel free to check it out at my portfolio here.

ThreedyModeler: I’ll certainly do my best with the workshop- Hope to see you there.

Thanks again everyone!!



Thank you! :slight_smile: I’ve added to my post on the first page of your Tutorial links to your new images and tutorial images. I’ll update that post as necessary if you add additional images. That should make it pretty easy to find stuff within the thread.



Glen - can I ask what kind of a pencil you’re using [I mean how soft]? I always have problems choosing those - I think i went through an entire arsenal and usually am happy with the col-erase ones but I’m always happy to hear new tips and suggestions… Thanks for the tutorial - looking forward to more and more :wink: :bounce:


hey glad to see you put up a tutorial on cgtalk,i stil follow your thread closly on conceptart. i’l b waiting for your workshop cause i’l join it for sure

cheers and thnx for sharing:thumbsup:


Can’t wait for the workshop man. It always takes so long… very enthusiastic about it. Can’t wait man (ohh, did i say that already) :slight_smile: Take care of yourself man, your art truly inspires us newbs a lot :slight_smile:



Be happy to answer your question:

I like to draw with those sanford col-erase pencils that you mentioned. I ussually start with a light version of the colour that I am going with (If it’s blue than I start with the light blue) If I am going sepia than I start with that yellow_ochra one.
Once I have my basics started out than I move to either the darker blue or Sepia brown wone.

I ussually go over my drawings a third time with a mechanical pencil (ussually a .5- the average size) and work in some outlines and build up some final darks with a 2H-B for the darkest areas in graphite. Odd to add this over top the col_erase work but you end up with a real cool looking finished piece this way. Sometimes If the hatching works really well_I’ll leave the craphite out -or if I am feeling particularily lazy that day :slight_smile:

Thanks for writing in- I’ll continue to add to this post- so please come back and visit sometime.

PS - Kudos to living in Montreal- beautiful city. I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario…not so beautiful city- good people though.


wOOOOOOOooooW!!! Amazing work increiblebleblebleee!!