Tutorial - Adding people to Archviz renders - Quicker, easier and correct


Hey guys.

In this tutorial, Andrew will show you how to compose cutout people to your Archviz renders. There are many tutorials out there about this topic but he does it a little different way. So if you are doing it for the first time you can learn how to do it quickly and correct and if you already mastered this skill you can borrow some techniques and tricks from him!

In the first part, you will see how to use placeholders to and create correct shadows for people you insert into the render.


00:00 - Introduction
00:38 - Inserting people the hard way
01:08 - Inserting people using a horizon line
02:24 - Inserting people using a horizon line - common problems
03:18 - The easy method - rendering placeholders
03:37 - Rendering the layer with placeholders
04:19 - Adding shadows layer to composition in Photoshop
04:30 - Inserting people into the render
04:51 - Adding shadows
04:13 - Matching the color of the shadows
07:20 - Modifications of shadows shapes and color

I hope you will find it useful.