Turning of day to night...


Hi Brothers and Sisters,

This is a Digital illustration for an Islamic Arts Contest. The purpose of the scene is to inspire contemplation about the structure of the cosmos. I wanted to create an effect that would allow the viewer to feel the orbit of the earth, moon and sun, just by looking at this illustration.

If the scene makes you a bit dizzy, suggests a feeling for the vastness of the solar system, then perhaps I have achieved my goal…



Very good. I prefer the first one, I like the color skeem more. From reading ur little poem, I think u can achive more of a sense of the sun and moon chasing eachother around. Make the cloud hovering over the ground in the bottom right corner? It’s up to u. The birds look great. 8)


Thanks bro,

that’s a good suggestion and definitely one to try out. I can move the clouds down so that the viewer is taken above the clouds.

That should evoke a stronger sense for the rotation of night and day.

I’ll post one up soon…


I lowered the clouds, and removed the highlights from the hills.


WOW, fast change!! Ya, that looks cool. Id add some more details on the clouds. Keep it up dude!


I think the newest one is the best by far, it gives a feeling of movement, and seems to put the viewer at a higher angle and drives you through the picture. Th only comment I have is about the white lines in the clouds, I think they need to be reworked so that they are not all the same size and a little more involved in the clouds as opposed to just thrown in to show detail, more like the defintion in the first two attempts.


Hmmm… actually I prefer the previous versions. In my opinion they have a better composition. Now there is a strong diagonal division where upper left part isn’t ‘attractive’ enough for me. Maybe you can try putting the clouds very close to the viewpoint (just above it or just underneath)

One small detail: There seems to be a transparant circle at the place of the sun on the landscape. This bothers me a bit. It’s a small detail but this picture just grabbed my attention and that’s why I gave it a closer look :wink:


I like the first one but the last will be cool maybe if you might change the sky darker or black to give it a strong contrast aganist the ground … good job … keep going !


I agree with Pibre3d, I prefer the first ones, specially the second one with the saturated colors. Much better balance in the composition in my opinion… But it can do without the horizon highlights.


I’m a little torn between the first two and the third. I like the clouds low a little better, it almost gives me the feeling of being a goddess looking down on my world. However, with the clouds low it seems like there is something missing from the top of the image, like there needs to be more thinner clouds above me, or maybe a stronger, brighter moon to fill out the image. Also the coloring in the first image gives it a very “real” effect (i.e. the shadows from the sun) but the second images saturation gives off a very “storybook” feel, almost like the area we’re looking down at is more of a utopia then a moment in our own time.

Still very good work though, and I hope that helps in your desision on a final piece.


Thank you for all the feedback brothers and sisters. This pieace has been a great learning experience for me.

Siberian: I can totally feel what you’re saying about the storybook vs real effect. Ideally I want it to be stylized. certainly not a utopia. But a pleasant environment to look at. I also like the desaturated look.


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