Turbulence FD bounding box not showing on C4D windows


Hello all,

I am new to turbulence FD
I just installed the trial ver for turbulence FD on windows and my bounding box is not showing. I tried many things from installing re installing the plugin, ticking the particle on filters tab and nothing seems to work. For now theres only an orange box (the one with only the corner appearing) and when I go to the viewport preview under the turbulence FD container the show bounding box is ticked, theres a a writing that said "preview not available! OpengGL is deactivated and when I try to tick the box under it (Activate openGL) the orange box also disappears. Does anybody know how to fix this? I got a deadline coming and this stressing me out.

I use C4D R20, GeForce GTX 1080



I hope you still meet your deadline :slight_smile:
I just got the same problem. You just have to go to Preferences -> OpenCL -> check Hardware OpenCL
For some reasons, mine is unchecked and that caused the problem for TurbulenceFD