Trying to understand v-ray log messages


I am using Cinema 4D R24.111 and V-Ray - 5.2.00. I have a laptop with intel 8750H processor, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX1050 Ti - 4GB GPU

I am new to Cinema 4D and V-Ray. Here are my render settings which I modified.

What do the following messages mean exactly? I got these in the console window.

Quoting messages and posting my queries regarding them.

[0h 0m 0.0s] [WARNING] SettingsRTEngine::gpu_light_cache is deprecated. Light cache is always calculated on the GPU when V-Ray GPU is used for rendering

Is it good or bad? Should I do anything about it?

[0h 0m 1.4s] [WARNING] Checking CUDA driver version: 5001: Installed driver version (511.09) is newer than the latest verified one (497.09)!

I’m using the latest Nvidia studio driver. Should I go back to an older version?

[WARNING] Failed baking shader: Colorizer
[ERROR] Failed baking shader: Colorizer

What do these mean?

[0h 0m 4.1s] [WARNING] Num samples per thread reduced to 32768, rendering might be slower
I didn’t change this setting. What does this mean and how to avoid this situation of rendering being slow?


Whats new fixed? :roll_eyes: