Trying to figure out how to UV map Zbrush model in 3dsmax


Hello All, I had a model I created in 3ds max and then imported into zbrush, decimated and then brought back to 3dsmax. In 3dsmax, prior to export, I have created different mat id’s on different faces. Easy to do on a box with hard edges. I lost all of that after bringing back from zbrush. With edges decimated, how to I create the desired uv’s so I can take into substance painter? I am relatively new to working with zbrush models so any insight would be great.


Just to be clear, are you trying to transfer UVs or Material IDs?


I had material ids but no UV’s set on the model before exporting as obj file to zbrush. I then decimated model and exported back to zbrush. The former material id’s are gone which doesnt surprise me. I am trying to figure out best procedure to texture/ uv the final zbrush like I did int he 3dsmax file.


You could try this: