Trying to create procedural dots on top of existing texture



I want to be able to add a stippled/dotted color on top of an existing texture. For example, if I had a cube with a green diffuse and wanted to add red spots on top. I tried using a cellular map, but I can’t get the green to show up between the red cells- I only get whatever color I have set for the Division Colors slots. Is there a way to create an alpha channel for the Division Colors to make them clear? Or any way to control opacity?

I’m working in 3DS Max 2021 with VRay Next.



aren’t there crap loads of OSL stuff for that ? No, I don’t have Max 2021.


I have only 3ds max 2016, but I could do spots or stripes with the “Gradient Ramp”.

For spots: Gradient type: Radial
Interpolation: Solid.

Use this as a black and white mask for a blend-material so that your spots can actually be of a different material.

With the use of procedural-textures as masks, you can make all sorts of patterns by staking them on each other.

Although if you stack say a Gradient Ramp in Tile map, you won’t know what it looks like unless you know what you are doing or render it. Maybe 3ds max 2021 will show it live in the viewport?

Also, even 3ds max 2016 supports vectors.

(Object will need a UVW Map/unwrap etc)


That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you!