Trying to create a multiple selection button MEL


So I’m trying to make a button allowing me to select specific objects within a project, however selection doesn’t want to work if there’s more than one object. The best way I’ve been trying to overcome that is by making a set to collect all at once. not a select all because I’m trying to do it for the controls only.

Heres what i have in full:

$win = window -t hello;

		rowLayout -numberOfColumns 3 -columnWidth3 50 50 50;
			$command = ("deleteUI " + $win);
			//currently does not select set 'controls'
			iconTextButton -st  "iconAndTextHorizontal" -rpt 0 -label "Select All" -command select Controls ;
			iconTextButton -st  "iconAndTextHorizontal" -label "Quit" -command $command; 


Any and all help will be appreciated



Have you looked at the help MEL help section

I also use this

select -r “pCube*”; (Selects all items labelled pCube in the scene)

sets -n set1 “pCube*”; (Creates a set called set1, with all items labelled pCube in it)

select set1; (Selects the items in the selection set “set1” if it exists…


I attempt the third option because i have a set called “Controls” but for some reason it does not like selecting more than one object and I’m unsure as to why.


and yes i have, my issue is that for some reason my code requires only one selection which does not help when I’m trying to make a select all of specific character controls i have made. I’m still really new to rigging but coding is a hefty wall I’m trying to overcome and I’m just not sure why I’m getting errors.


Have you made a selection set of all the controls you selected ?

Select all the controls you want to select create a selection set (Create : Sets: Set) give it a name like controls.

The type select controls;

It will select all the items you placed in the selection set controls

…Just did it with 12 different items (nurbs curves, poly cubes) and it it worked as intended.


maybe its just not responding right on my end because even selection with mouse would not select the objects within for some reason.


Did you get this sorted ?

If your having trouble with general UI issues, might be best to delete your preferences and /or check you GPU drivers.