Trusted Hardware Vendors Links: REQUESTING REGION LINKS!!


Greg Hess, our new hardware forum Mod and long time hardware guru, was kind enough to help compile a small list of trusted retailers with good reputations in response to many threads requesting such information.

Please PM Myself of GregHess if you feel there is an omission, or if you have found a site you feel should be listed here. Your support in this matter will hopefully help allot of people, as well as reduce the thread volume regarding this matter.


Please note that the vendors/retailers/sites listed within this thread are not officially endorsed by CGNetworks/CGtalk in any way. This information represents member compiled links from various independent sources. Use these sites at your own risk! Sites are listed in no particular order.[/i][/b]

::Vendors: (Possibly the best in the US) (When newegg doesn’t have it) (They’ll built it for you too) (best prices for laptops and awesome customer service)

::Here are some sites that will help you make informed decisions about where to shop:

Before you buy ANYTHING online.

Sites for pricing structures…
(Never use without

::Sites for deals:

::Workstation Manufacturers:

Russell Gooday(RPG 2003) made a great point. He PMed me and mentioned that while the HW links here are nice, it does little good for those in certain regions of the world where the above retailers either don’t ship, or don’t cater to the needs of people in different locals. Therefore, we’d like to make an attempt to gather links from members in various regions of the world that are excluded by the predominantly American companies listed above.

So if you’ve got a great place to get HW in your region of the world, please PM me with the details and I’ll add 'em to the list. Please only furnish listings that you have personally had experience with. This is for yor CG brethren, so protect 'em at all costs!

-Dave Black, Forum Leader

::new:: REGIONAL HW Vendors:

Thailand, Bangkok (Panthip Plaza 4th floor) (Panthip Plaza Ground Floor)