Truespace 7 Preview


Caligari just posted a short article on Truespace 7, with it’s features and a small preview of it’s interface. (Kinda looks like a Lightwave + Messiah hybrid)



Kind of reads like software engineering “buzzword bingo”.


Looks good to me. Looks like they have a new GUI (DirectX screenshot), Vray is a welcome addition, and the web based collaboration thing sounds intriguing. I’ve often wondered why CG apps don’t repurpose network code written for multiplayer games to provide multi-user collaboration, stuff like RakNet from Rakkarsoft. I hope for Caligari’s sake that all the new stuff translates into a more professional app than the old Truespace. Always room for new tools. :slight_smile:


I think the “Rosetta” API is for real. Sounds like Caligari have finally pulled their socks up and quit mucking about.

As for the rest of the “Fully this, fully that” - every 3D app company pulls this same shit, so I shall dismiss the boasts as I would NewTek, Alias, Discreet and Maxon sales pitches.

Judging by the screen-grab, it looks as if Caligari have finally given into a more stable and professional product. But then again, we shall have to wait and see if this is the case… :hmm:


As they use to say… “The proof is in the pudding!”.

It’s intially underwhelming in the worst of ways with it’s techno-babble talk and extreme lack of screengrabs. Hell the presention was in digital wasn’t?!?

400 tools… so what! Version 6 has over 418, with 400 of them being buggy, problematic or just flat out broken. 350 of which I fully expect to be modernized or actually fixed.

The only postive so far is that of a potentially clean highly organized(for many people standardized(or to myself and other stupified)) interface, that just may, stay the hell outta my work area and for once do what I want!

Maybe Caligari will get smarter and join with other small company’s like oh say the makers of Rhino…


Re: Frank Lake.

Another suspicion I have about TS7 is that Caligari have taken a look at how other 3D apps are programmed such as Maya and have finally followed suit. I reckon it will be a stable app this time… :hmm:


It never ceases to amaze me just how many Me Too applications there are in the 3D space. I mean with the exception to ZBrush and maybe Modo they all try to play catch up with the big three. You don’t see the same thing in the office apps space where you have MS Office, Star Office and one or two other possible contenders.

I can’t for the life of me see anything new or original with TS7. I do wonder what % of users they’re going to be able to attact from other 3D apps. I can see how TS7 would be attractive to folks who use TS6.x - but to say a Lightwave user? I don’t get it. Someone sell TS7 to me. Why should I care? I’m not trying to start a package war, I’m just interested…


Re: DotTom.

That is indeed a fair question.

The answer however, can only be answered when Caligari release TS7. Personally, I expect TS7 to be at a VERY low price to stay in the market place. The problem is “balance”…

TS7 will be stuck in between XSI:Foundation and Blender…one is $495 and the other is free! Caligari will be cutting their own throats if they keep the $595 price tag… :hmm:


Re: Boone

While that maybe true it’s customer base was not happy about the recent shift in it’s interface, though a small minority were, so this well might be they’re way of correcting that step. Personally I don’t give more then a fig about the interface, as long as it’s easly learnable, because I’ve grown into using short-cut keystrokes.

Re: dotTom

Nobody has the ability to sell you TS after you’ve used LW. The performance gap between the two is at least an order of magnitude higher then the different between TS and Anim8tor. The power(tool) difference is simply too great. A fine example of this is that while TS has become aimed at gaming purposes it doesn’t have a simple “save as .obj” command and not even a simple planarizing tool.

Only way I could sell you TS is if the big 5 weren’t available for home use.


I wouldn’t dismiss what you call ‘me-too’ apps so quickly. Aside from the fact that there is a sizeable market for them - there are tens of thousands of 3D enthusiasts/hobbyists out there and not all of them have the patience to learn XSI or the hardware to render with MR - they can evolve into much bigger things quite quickly. People used to laugh at Cinema 4D back in the days of R5 or R6 as an entry level or midrange 3D app with poor CA capability. Buy the January 2005 issue of Computer Arts magazine when it hits newsstands. Cinema R9 came out the winner of a 3D heavyweights group test that also had Maya 6, XSI 4.2, LW 8 and Max 7 competing in it.

Point is, that’s how the software market works. Apps that have a virtual monopoly at the very top end can tumble with time. Apps that are entry-level or mid-range to begin with can move up the ranks. Besides, CG is used so widely these days that there’s no way 3 top apps or whatever can cover the whole market. You’ll always have at least 7 or 8 widely known CG animation packages competing for the 3D crown at different price/feature levels. Its no different with editing or compositing. Look at how many different pro-level softwares are competing for those markets.


Yeah, I saw that review. They said C4Ds only major downer continues to be its rendering and the comparative lack of 3rd party renderer support. I’m not completely convinced that MR is any more of a cycle hog than any other comparable renderer. I’ve got Cinema 4D with the AR module, and it will peg my dual proc box just as much as Maya will. As for TS7, the day it’s used for a “money shot” sequence in a major summer blockbuster I will eat my hat and post the photos here :slight_smile:

Here’s a question then, how come we don’t see artwork created with TSx posted here or appearing in the pages of Ballistic publications? Is it because they don’t have their own specific forum or something?

I take your point about no one app being suited for the whole range of the CG market, so what range is TS suited to? Are we saying that it’s like “Lightwave with stabilizers?”


Re dotTom,


Lack of Talent depth. The TS community has VERY VERY few people(less then a single hand count with myself not being among them) who can even remotely compete with average people who know how to operate a better package. But those people either quickly hit the programs limit and move on to another package OR still have TS but know how to operate other packages and do most of their work in them. Since TS is toted as a ‘beginners’ package few people of ‘talent’ will actually stay with it. It also doesn’t help that TS isn’t as stolen as MAX, MAYA, or LW either.

Besides CGTalk is known for being tilted more towards organic modelling and to gather a decent response takes a pretty damned high quality of work. Which is why, even though I do my modeling basically in organics, I’ll never post my materials ‘here’.


Re: Frank Lake.

I was refering to TS7 - not TS 5&6. :curious:

And I wasn’t refering to the interface, but the way its programmed. If it had a more flexible approach like that of the Maya Node-system, it could be an easy task to add new features and therefore give it more functionality! :wip:


Ah! my mistake then. I thought you were referring to the more standardized interface.

I seriously doubt that they could’ve put together a stable node based system within 18 months. Only thing that I ‘known’ is node based is the new shader system that brings it up to relative date. However, either way, the TS community simply doesn’t have the base to see much in the way of improving functionality. Maybe if it’s successful sometime in 2006-2007 we’ll see some people with excellent programming skills make strides.


Caligari said they’d release some videos of the conference soon. Can’t wait for that to happen, they’ll give a quick demo of Truespace 7 in it, i think. :smiley:

I wonder if any beta testers for TS 7 are around here. Maybe they want to share some information? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bribes beta testers :deal:


I don’t. The actual algorithms involved for sorting and evaluating nodes within a directed graph are pretty standard fare. If you get everything in the design stage correct the rest is mostly refactoring the codebase that you already have into discrete node classes and creating the user interface for editing their contents. Although it may not have been trivial, it is hardly a superhuman feat for a small team of competent and dedicated developers working over an 18 month period. It would however be pretty boring and tedious work though.

Hopefully it will be cheap and good enough that it will attract new developers to the community. If the API is clean and logical it might also inspire people in the TS community to take up programming, Although I’m not holding my breath, I really hope Caligari hits a home run with this one. A greater range of choices in applications is always good :thumbsup:



It was a good choice for them to scrap the old core as it seems they were incapable of sorting out the generational bugs in the old tS. Let’s see if they can make a stable program starting from a clean(er) slate.


I see that they are keeping with the traditional icons that make it pretty difficult for us color blind folks to use the program… I wouldn’t expect too much of a change from 6… and even if they did redo the core program, I truely doubt that they worked out all the bugs…


News about TS7


Gotta disagree. For such a small market, 4 or 5 tops. Editing? Avid, Final Cut, Premiere… and that’s it really. Ditto compositing - AFX, Shake, Fusion (ignoring the highly specialised top end). How can something like TS (which I didn’t even know was still alive) hope to compete in the new regime where XSI is $500?? Which would you buy? In 3 years we’ll have XSI, MaxiMaya, C4D and LW - and I don’t envy the latter two. Apps like zbrush, messiah and Modo leverage those powerhouses. Beyond that, it’s gotta be pretty tough to survive, let along innovate.

In any market you have a balance - eveyone wants everthing to be compatible, and do everything in one app, but you need innovation which means competition. The balance is about 2-4 apps vis-a-vis the Office market -which has leaned way too far towards standards at the cost of innovation.