Tried lightwave after maya


Now I know that users have preferred software but as im new to maya and heard alot of good things (but some bad) about lightwave i thought id try it out.
My question is that can the camera style be changed or am i just doing it wrong. I cant even move around and it feels like the camera is stationary and the model is what moves, whereas in maya the camera is what moves. Is this normal or have i messed up a setting. maybe ive gotten used to mayas camera.
to be fair ive spent alot more time in maya. Ive heard that modelling in lightwave is faster and that appeals to me so I thought id ask this.


Hi! I am not 100% sure what you are saying. I suspect you are in Modeler and talk about the perspective viewport? Do I assume right? In Modeler you do not really have a camera (yet… it is announced for the next version, whenever that might see the light of day…)* So, if you are manipulating the view in the perspective viewport you actually virtually rotating or moving the object. In that it behaves differently from Maya. But maybe I am misunderstanding…