Trees and environments


Hello every one. For a long time I struggling with painting environments and specialy trees. I can see an improvement in my last work but I still have not satisfied with it. I think It is all about tone and color, and a little about constraction of foliage and its material. Actually I can not see what needs an improovment, so I need feedback. Any feedback that intended to help are welcome, please feel free to critique. Here is three of my latest attempts :


Do you have a stylistic preference/target that you feel you’re currently not hitting? For example, works from artists you admire doing foliage in ways you wish you could, but can’t? Or are you pretty content with your stylistic choice and you just want your foliage to look more compelling?

From the examples you posted, the brushwork you use is a fairly homogenized approach, where everything’s painted with similar brushwork in terms of edge quality, texture, stroking strategy, etc., and there’s nothing wrong with that if that is the style you’re going for. This is why I asked what your stylistic preference is.


Thank you for replay ) You are right? I feel that brush stroke is one of thing that should be imroved. I am ready to try deferente styles. For exemple, I like thise foliage but I do not want to paint exactly like this one.