Tree on to the surface of baked object problem


I baked some metablobs into polygons and added texture with displacement on it.
Now I’m not able to paint ecosystem on it without vue crashing every time.
I tried single tree on the baked metablob object, works fine, renders perfect, until I try to drop it onto the surface of the object and VUE takes 5mins to think about it and crashes to desktop.



If it still happens you should contact e-on technical support.

I tried to repeat this in Vue 2014 Infinite, but in my case it works.
However it may be typical to kindo of metablob you created, kind of plant you try to drop.

Maybe you could post your scene & rendering somewhere, so it could be loaded and checked ?

TPF plants are slow to drop, because before drop Vue recalculates all TPF plants in the scene.

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