Tree creature, Daniel Bystedt (3D)


Title: Tree creature

Name: Daniel Bystedt

I’m doing some testing of the upcoming REALTIME Eevee viewport for Blender 2.8, which is currently in development.

I’ve been waiting for the blender developers to finish up the job with porting the modifiers to Blender 2.8 so that I could test an animated scene. The sequence was rendered in Blender 2.8’s new realtime viewport EEVEE. Comp was done in Blender 2.79

The creature was sculpted in Zbrush and the textures were done in Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

The voice actor in the video is my oldest daughter :slight_smile:

Blender is a free 3d application that can be used for any purpose. Please note that the Eevee viewport is still very much in production and the build is unstable. You can download the stable release of Blender here And you can try the Eevee viewport if you download an unstable build of Blender 2.8.



Powerful stuff my friend!


wooooow! Definitely amazing great concept and the movement is so smooth and natural