Travis_ #DrawCember Sketchbook thread


Simply create a thread with your name and post a sketch daily for your chance to win one of 8 prizes from Wacom.

Wacom will be looking at your social shares as well so make sure to check the FAQ thread to give yourself an advantage!

Good luck everyone!


What is the link for the FAQ thread? Thanks!



Hi Travis,

I starter a SketchBook trend yesterday eventing and they told me iT would not be visible for 24hours. It’s stil not availablemfor me and now I’m worried I wont qualify for the content anymore. Of I can show the dates trough instagram, would that stil count?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t worry it’s just spam moderation. The date will be the date you updated and you won’t be out if you miss a day or two anyway just try and keep up. Good luck