Transfering "BlendShapes / Morphs" onto other Geometry with different "Topology"


Hi Fellows.

I was in a job, doing AR - Facial Expressions. So i rigged my character and so on. In my research i found a really awesome tool for MAYA called “seUVBlendShape” (Link) which allows you transfer the “BlendShapes” from one Object to another one with different topology !!! :slight_smile: . Please take a look:

As far as i understood it, it works internaly with UVs to get the deformation done, on a different topology. Which is awesome ! And i found a Video-Tutorial for MAYA which describes this stuff “without” an plugin. Just doing it manualy with UVs. But i didn´t get all, what was explained in it:

Anyways, does anybody knows if such a tool exists, for C4D ??? I know we have VAMP, but it doesn´t work well with transfering morphs. I got some OK-ish results. Would be awesome if something like the MAYA-plugin “seUVBlendShape” would be made for C4D !


When vamp doesn’t cut it, I use a third party tool called R3DS Wrap, whose job is to transfer any geometry topology onto any other one.

It’s principally made to project 3D scans details onto clean topologies and UVs, but also transfer morph targets.

Indie version is $370 (perpetual). It’s pretty neat and there’s a 30 day free demo and tutorials on the website.


Hi Eric.

Thx for the Tip ! :blush:
I was playing with the Demo of R3DS and its really great software. Only downside: calculation time ! Depends how complex your model is. Therefore i would like to have such “standard” tools inside C4D (if we can call it standard. Its more specialized one) like the seUVBlendShape MAYA-plugin. It doesn´t need calculation time. Only same UV area / seams. Maybe we get a C4D-“VAMP” overhaul this year ? Or someone allready working on a similar C4D plugin :smiley:


This method does not Transfer Blendshapes across to other head with different topology in fact. It uses 1 to drive the other which is a VERY different thing.