Traktor, Yegor Tsyba (aka Shiva), Cat-a-pult Studio (3D)


Title: Traktor
Name: Yegor Tsyba (aka Shiva), Cat-a-pult Studio
Country: Ukraine
Software: 3ds max, Brazil r/s, Darktree, Photoshop

Hi all.
This old Russian industrial monster was borned in my mind then I saw real one at my office. But original have only one Ladle and move on the wheels. )
Hope you like it. :wink:


thats really awsome great job did u model the background to it looks real? very coollove the textures.


Very well compositing. Great model but one tiny crit: chrome mat on the hydraulic pumps (or whatff they are called) looks too perfect if you compare it with the other (fantastic) dirt on the model.

Saw the model already on 3dk but this is better (composition)


wow…thats amazing


can a mod please this guy his miranda rights!
Shiva3D my friend, you’re not allowed to post pictures. this is not a photography forum.

…now can someone lend me a gun.


fantastic work :scream: and original !!

Tutorial Lightwave

Tutorial Lightwave


So naturaly! Great Idea!!! Great JOB!!!


Super work! Great Idea!!!


This is great, i’d love to see him animated :slight_smile:


OMG thats freeking awesome. Is the background also 3D? Or is it a picture…

10 stars for you.


oh my god!

really nice idea and amazing modeling and textures!
great work!


thats really creative and cool, man …the texturing is wicked as well as the model …great peice man all the best and i voted 5 for this man :slight_smile:


Great idea, nicely textured, but the chrome hydraulic pumps things look too clean compared to the rest of the model, also the shadows look a bit strange.

Damn, imagine crossing that thing in the street…


Personally I think the chrome is alright since that part would be slide into the other so rust couldn’t start on it, maybe a grease line or something would help. The only thing that bothers me is that the background picture is almost the same value as the machine so it begins to blend in. Great concept.


the fact that the model blends in seamlessly with the background doesnt bother me at all ;).Its friggin awesome :eek:


This is very good. Sorry, I can offer no critique. Just my admiration.


I’m not saying that edge blending is bothering me, I’m saying that much of the machine’s value is similar to the photo behind making the machine hard to see.


I like the compostion alot:thumbsup:


great work !! !i 'have see your animation ,and i like it! !
there is a reel things to do with him ! ! !
excellent concept! ! !anothers shoots qith more details please ! ! !


Haa… you definately made my day with thisone!!!
You should offer the concept to the “belarus” traktor factory (i wonder if they still make these machines) :stuck_out_tongue:
You got my stars :thumbsup:

Come to think of it… that model would actually work even… crazy