Tough love and go Open Source


To the Nevercenter folks,

I’m going to be brutally honest with the state of Silo, and I’m saying this as someone who has purchased and been using and teaching Silo since v1. I even recommended in my book that was focused on Maya and Python!

Make Silo open source, and let the community jump in and help in the development of it.
There’s so much potential in Silo, but it’s falling behind the curve fast. It’s an efficient modeler, but there’s enough there that leaves much to be desired.

Please consider that option. Start a poll and see if there might be interest in it. I can’t foretell the future, but I do have a feeling you will get a lot of positive support if you go that way.

Take a look at the Godot Engine as inspiration for success.
Putting it out there, because I do feel it is a good program that has the capacity to be great.

Good luck.


That’s why it is great, not why it isn’t.
Sometimes all you need IS an efficient modelling tool. Now you also get a decent preview renderer.