ToPoly is now available for sale


ToPoly allows you to create live polygonal instances of parametric objects.
Check out the video demo:

The manual is here:

[ Manual.pdf]( Manual.pdf)

And it can be bought here:


Added a few more things to ToPoly :slight_smile:


I’ve been cracking my skull how to “easily” create ‘wrecked’ spaceships or semi-realistic damaged buildings, I think I know now how to achieve that. :bounce:

Once I’ve refilled my paypal account I’ll place my order. :slight_smile:


That made me think that I could create a Greebles and Nurnies generator :slight_smile:


is it possible to create a polygonal instance from any object hierarchy/group under a null? for example beveling something with a bevel deformer or more than one deformer, than using your tool and having the possibility to select edges newly created with the deformer beveling them a second time? for non-destrutive working? woo hard to describe … but that would be great.