Topology research


Sorry but that model isn’t really good for anything, except maybe to start a sculpt from.


hello all,
i think that In mathematics, topology the study of topological spaces, is an area of mathematics concerned with the properties of space that are preserved under continuous deformations, such as stretching and bending, but not tearing or gluing.



i need some feedback about the topology of my 3D Charackter.
What i can do, to get it better?

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Great thread! Lots of great stuff here.

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An in-depth 3ds Max, advanced 3D modeling guide for creating high quality 3D Geometry and Reflection for cars using polygonal modelling, by former ILM plus LucasArts CG Artist - Ali Ismail.



I have a question regarding realistic topology and topology in some animation films.

I see these examples and also remember that I’ve seen in some tutorial, the tutor mentioned that sometimes topology like this(no loops around mouth) might be better for cartoon characters.

I didn’t know that even at Pixar they model faces with this kind of topology.

\So I wanted to know. that would the difference between this topology type and that of conventional (with loops) in practice and in animation…why would one choose one over another?

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I’ve had this question for a while. I would appreciate if someone could answer that.
To the best of my knowledge there are two ways for creating characters for games;

Way 1: low poly box modeling > add detail in sculpting apps > create normal map
Way 2: high poly sculpture > retopology using the original sculpture > create normal map

I was wondering which way is more popular and what are the pros and cons?

Thank you.


All depends on the amount of deformation. Polygons get thin and twisted on extremes, so the layout must be in a way to accommodate that. Realistic characters don’t have extreme deformations, however, you need the folds and creases on the face. So you must follow those folds when you model the face.


I would love to see these in a little more detail. I am a beginner to modelling people and topology is my weak point so I would benefit from seeing your work.


Hello everyone!

I’m new round these parts, and I’m having trouble with topology! I really want to make a female and male head with proper topology. I also want them to be flexible enough so I can modify them to fit any human face that I need to create.

I’ve been looking up reference images and found a lot, but sadly pictures don’t explain why they’re set up that way, and they also don’t explain how it was set up that way. I’m currently making low-poly characters with sub-serf level 2. I also use the latest version of blender (not beta/alpha.)

I’m also learning all this by myself, and it’s rather daunting to learn by yourself, so I’d like to ask the community if there’s any free resources for learners. A lot of the links (if not all) on this post don’t work anymore. Plus, 70+ pages to go through :smiley:

Thanks for any help!


in this tutorial i show how i approach doing topology for the head its a bit diffrent with how i approach i think it makes thing easier for me to work i hope some people are benefiting from these please share to spread the knowledge