Thanks for the reply :beer:

Need to proper test those and the other cool stuff on a demo or something.


Aye. Tis’ is true.


Oops, I didnt saw that :deal: Thanx


Does that mean training videos are being worked on, or the actual PMG

PS: yeah what he said.


Both are being worked on.





Messiah 4 really rocks, very cool userinterface with almost everything we need
in an animation package… Renderquality looks very very real…

PMG… go on!

Greets Tom


DOes it require a dongle? I only have one free usb port on my computer.


For around $15 you can buy a usb hub (which you plug into your single usb port), which will give you 4 more.



…or 8 more. :slight_smile:


If you are a new user you will have to bind it to something. It can be anything that windows can mount. An SD card, a hard drive, a CDRom drive, USB Thumb drive etc. If your upgrading an older version of Messiah you will have to stick to using the hasp thumb drive.


what happen if the hardware failure, e.g. usb drive. Can I re-mount to new hardware? Thanks


I’m pretty sure pmG would work with you but I don’t know specifics.


The thumb drive is a great option. It’s basically as permanent as a dongle. I’m really glad they included it. Normally hardware lock licenses are irritating, but a non-retracting USB stick is basically indestructible. You can just leave it in the computer, and it’s still just as portable as a dongle.


I’ve had a USB drive die on me. I’d prefer the dongle.


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