He means ‘not to sound ungrateful…’


Hi I’m an old Messiah user, but I never upgraded to Messiah3 so I haven’t use it for a while.
What I most would like to see is the new Weight Painting tools! And I would also like to see more pipeline tips for Modo and Messiah; I know about MDD but is there a way to match the cameras if I only like to render a particle pass in Messiah? Will there be a demo to try soon?

/ Svante


Wow … very nice update. :beer:


Does modo read in .mot files from Lightwave? If so then you’d at least get camera’s position from Messiah into Modo which you could use to match too/with. Then you could set up all the object in your scene to mask the particles and it would work great.

There will be a demo of 4 soon.


hey chikega,

you are going to love the new ‘translucent scattering’ and improved render engine :slight_smile:



Watched the tutorials … that is one serious update!
Congrats to the team - lets put that work to good use eh :slight_smile:



Hummm… very interesting update :beer:

Is it possible to see some Lattice videos setting them up etc, since I usually use them to give some Stretch and Squash on my characters if its is not asking to much can we some some examples ot if?

Can the Lattices be Deformed with Bones or other deformers also?



I think it’s safe to say a Messiah 4 demo would help to push a lot us over the top.


You can deform lattice with anything.


We’re just trying to get you to the edge first, that way once Fori releases the demo, it will be an easier push. :thumbsup:


Just tell Fori to release it before the special offers run out. :thumbsup:


Just bought/upgraded it

One disapointment is that the manuals/docs STILL have not been updated since 2.0/5.1


So all the new features are going to have to be played with to even setup



Just bought/upgraded it also.

Found this exact thing very disappointing too …



Well, there is a great community for help while they are working on new videos and things for the new features.

We all wanted it as soon as we could get our hands on it…so I am content to have it sooner to play with. And there are a number of videos at PMG’s website for some of the new things. Plenty to play with right now.

Also, make sure you go to setuptab.com which is a dedicated messiah site which has a great deal of support for your questions. Some have been using the new features while in beta, so they can help with specifics till the new docs get out.



What about these plugins/add ons “Add messiah’s award winning animation and rendering to your favorite Modo”? I cant remember is that old feature, but anyway, how it happens?


Still its been years now since the manuals have been LOOKED AT and for some who do not have 24 hr internet or working remorely, one shouldbe able to just up the docs and get the most basic of information.

On SETUP TAB they have a tutorials on how to use it but …it comes at an additional cost which is not a problem but it chides against PMG leaving basic info on same said features of the product. Its kinda not fair. Its amazing 10 years ago, PMG started the whole robust docs and videos training and now they coome in last in support for docs.

wow. its been 10 years.

We need videos on :

*Pose System - Store and load poses with the click of a button

*Cage Deformer - this is the shits. volume preservation deformation

*Lattice Deformer - Regular lattice deformation

*Weight Painting - For those of you who absolutely want to paint those weights.

*New Bone Weighting Options - To help you use different ways of working with weights.

*Particle Collision Dynamics - Bang them into eachother.

*Better, Faster, Cleaner Global Illumination - Really good, really fast, really clean, really global

*Translucency Scatter - Lovely scattering of global illumination in translucency.

*Ultra-Super Improved Hair - Hair dynamics. long hair, you name it.


Its all being worked on Julez. No need to get upset. You can play with Messiah now while we document all the awesome changes. . . or you can wait till there are docs that you approve of and then buy. Choice is yours.


well he already bought it



I don’t have Modo, but there is a tutorial video listed as Messiah Modo on PMG’s website.



Oh hey wegg
btw this what remember people saying when version 3 came out. To just sit back and wait or new docs.